Extracting .rar Files in Linux/Debian

Debian lenny has a package named unrar which helps in extracting .rar files in Linux.After installing the package when i tried to unrar the .rar files it showed some errors as below:

Extracting from /media/b/pk--thumb/chapters.rar
Extracting chapters.doc Failed
1 Failed

Although i could'nt sort out the problem but here is an alternative to unrar .rar files in linux.I have tried it in Debian Lenny.

First download a package from http://www.rarlab.com/rar/rarlinux-3.9.2b1.tar.gz

Untar rarlinux using tar xvvf rarlinux-3.9.2b1.tar.gz

Now navigate to the rarlinux directory and type make as su

Now you are done to using unrar.To unrar a file navigate to the rarlinux directory and type

unrar e (target .rar file)
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